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New WVU interns Nathan Snyder and Chris Tingley printing Wigle Whiskey boxes

Wigle Whiskey’s Meredith Grelli stopped by to check out the process and take some pictures

Meredith printing one of the boxes!

If you haven’t already been down to Wigle Whiskey you should check them out!



During Stefan Hoffmann’s time at AIR he also worked on a project with the Warhol. This project can be found here:

He worked with two Warhol Interns during this time.  He was so please with their dedication to the project that he wanted to help them make some work of their own here (AIR)!

Corey Elders project:

Cory work on his first draft

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This June, with support from the Do Something foundation and Friends of Hospital Albert Schweitzer, Miller travelled to Deschapelles, Haiti to deliver screen-printing equipment to several local artists. With the equipment, these artists can earn extra money by selling screen-printed goods to tourists and local residents.  Some local businesses and institutions have begun commissioning the artists to print shirts, including the local youth tennis team, who have already used their shirts in competitions in Port-au-Prince.


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