Open Studio

Open Studio is on Tuesday and Thursday night from 6-10pm.  This is a self driven, short run, production environment when experienced individuals can access small scale screens, print films, squeegees, etc (anything goes as long as it is completed that night). Open studio is first come first served and there is some basic assistance, but this is not a tutorial environment. Open studio is a volunteer run program.


Lithography Tutorial - Brian Gaither

Tutorials are available in a number of processes. This is the best way for people to gain knowledge of the specific process they would like to utilize in the studio. We tailor tutorials to the participant’s needs but there are generally a learning session, not a production session. These are one on one sessions. Materials are included in the tutorials.


Evolve from Pittsburgh, PA printing tote bags

Rocking Horse Artspace from Pittsburgh, PA printing flyers for their gallery.

Shop rental are appropriate for focused projects. We can provide basic supplies and technical assistance. Rental, supplies and tech time are billed separately depending on your particular needs. We like to book rentals a week in advance so please email AIR at with information about your project.

Contract Printing

coming soon…

If you are interested in how you can access Artists Image Resource please email us at


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