CISV Pittsburgh at AIR

In June CISV Pittsburgh came to AIR to work on a screen print project. Here is a little about he project they worked on.

CISV Pittsburgh is a local chapter CISV International, an organization promoting friendship and peace by bringing together children from different countries all over the world in order to learn that people have much more in common than they have in contrast. This summer CISV Pittsburgh participated in an Interchange program with a CISV chapter from Guatemala City, during which the Guatemalan delegation visited Pittsburgh for two weeks (June 28 to July 11) and the Pittsburgh delegation visited Guatemala City for two weeks (July 13 to July 26). The program’s theme was “Branching Bridges” (uniting the themes of organic trees and manmade bridges with the experience of making connections between cultures). All activities were based on Sustainable Development, which is one of four central educational themes of CISV International. The Interchange group visited A.I.R. on July 3 to make our own t-shirts for our program in a sustainable way, with a design that the kids from the two delegations came up with collaboratively. This activity also informed our participants about the materials that go into the clothing and other products they buy, while giving them a great art activity at the wonderful facilities that A.I.R. offers to the Pittsburgh community.








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