AIR Exhibition Saturday June 2, 2012


Tresa Varner and Abby Franzen-Sheehan

Tina Brewer

Installation by graduating CAPA high school students

New work by AIR Resident Artists:
Tresa Varner and Abby Franzen-Sheehan

New work by Tina Brewer
a project of the Black Arts Initiative

An installation by graduating CAPA high school students

Opening events: Saturday, June 2, 2012
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Exhibition Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm – 10pm and by appointment

Food & Drink: Light snacks upstairs
Franctuary Hot Dog truck downstairs
(Complimentary hot dogs for the first hour)
East End Brewery Beer and Soda

Music: DJ – Pandemic Pete from 7 – 9

Cost: FREE, including beverages, snacks and DJ

Details: AIR is hosting a special event Saturday, June 2, 2012 to celebrate the simultaneous opening of three exhibitions. Exhibitions include new work by Resident Artists Tresa Varner and Abby Franzen-Sheehan, and guest artist Tina Brewer. Additionally, artists from CAPA High School will present an installation comprised of sculpture, print, collage and painting.

Resident Artists Tresa Varner and Abby Franzen-Sheehan
Each year, AIR invites select artists to develop new projects at the print studio on Pittsburgh’s Northside. As they explore creative ideas and complete new work, Resident Artists have full access to the printmaking shops and equipment at AIR, and are provided with materials and staff assistance.

Long-time colleagues Tresa Varner and Abby Franzen-Sheehan have extensive experience working collaboratively and have worked in residence at AIR throughout 2011. Using shared source material, old engravings, photographs and patterns, Varner and Franzen-Sheehan have created paintings and prints that explore opposing human instincts, balance and the search for grace.

Tina Brewer, Guest Artist
Tina Brewer has been working in residence at AIR over the past year, exploring a project investigating the African Diaspora. Ms. Brewer has been learning printmaking processes and incorporating them into her quilt-making. Brewer developed symbols representing movements along Slave Trade Routes and is printing the symbols on fabric for use in quilts, which will be exhibited at the August Wilson Center in 2013.

Ms. Brewer states, “My work stands as symbol of exploration; acknowledging the existence of African signs, symbols and their many contributions to the decorative arts, in architecture as well as the fiber arts.”

This project has been partially funded by the Black Arts Initiative Project of The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments.

CAPA student project
Three students from the 2012 graduating class at CAPA High School will exhibit an installation that explores the intersection of skateboarding and art. The students, David Love, Emmett Ryan and Maxwell Snyder work in a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, printmaking and collage.

About AIR:
Artists Image Resource is an artist run print and imaging laboratory that integrates the production of fine art printwork with innovative educational programs that explore the creative process. AIR’s primary purpose is to create new work that explores the role of the artist in our culture and supports and challenges inquiry and voice in our communities.


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